Sermisy, Claude de

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Celebrated Renaissance polyphonist, often called Claudin; b. c. 1490; d. Paris, 1562. A cleric (1508) and later canon at Sainte Chapelle (153362) and Notre Dame de la Ronde, Rouen (to 1524), he sang in the French royal chapel before 1515, and became its sous maître in 1532 under Cardinal François de Tournon and its director before 1554. During the Spanish occupation he lent his Paris house to refugee canons from Saint Quentin for deliberations (1559). His admirers included the Duke of Ferrara, recipient of his motet Esto mihi, and Certon, who composed a déploration for him. He composed 13 Masses, some 80 motets, Lamentations, a Passion, and about 160 chansons, frequently transcribed or quoted in fricassées. The principal poet for his texts was Clément Marot. His sacred works portray their texts reverently, in spite of a trace of chanson patterns (e.g. his brief and simple polyphonic Masses). In the realm of the predominantly homorhythmic lyrical chanson, he is unexcelled.

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