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SEROR , family of Algerian origin. r. solomon (16th–17th century) was the author of the second part of Ḥut ha-Meshullash ("Triple Cord," in Responsa Tashbaẓ, Amsterdam, 1838). The brothers joseph and tobias, scholars and wealthy merchants, died in the epidemic which decimated the population of *Algiers in 1625. r. solomon ben tobias (d. 1664) was chief rabbi of Algiers. r. raphael jedidiah solomon ben joshua ben solomon (1681–1737), the most important member of the family, was born in Algiers, where he was later chief rabbi. He was an expert on the history of the community of Algiers and wrote some highly esteemed religious poems. As a result of his herbal treatments, he became widely known as a skilled physician. His life was marked by misfortunes. He was overcome by sickness, lost several of his children, ruined himself in commercial transactions on land and sea, and finally died in poverty. Seror left many works, his responsa being published under the title Peri Ẓaddik ("Fruit of the Righteous," Leghorn, 1748). Among his disciples were R. Abraham Yafil, Joseph Seror, and R. Judah *Ayash, who wrote a poem in his honor and had it printed at the beginning of his work Beit Yehudah ("House of Judah"). r. joseph (d. 1755) was a talmudic scholar and dayyan in Algiers. He left many responsa, which were published in Divrei David ("Words of David") of R. David Mendola of Leghorn and Beit Yehudah of R. Judah Ayash.


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