Sept-Fons (-Fonds), Abbey of

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cistercian abbey, Bourbonnais, France, in the former Diocese of Autun (present-day Moulins diocese). It was founded in 1132 under the name of Notre-Dame de Saint-Lieu Sept-Fons as a daughter-abbey of Fontenay, of the filiation of clairvaux. After the troubles and disasters of a century of war, Abbot Jean de Ramilly (14871512) reestablished the regular monastic life there; Abbot Eustache de Beaufort (16631700) reformed the monastery and revived the ancient customs; and Abbot Dorothée Jalloutz (175778) rebuilt the buildings. In 1759, the priory of Val-des-Choux, in the Diocese of Langres, was united to Sept-Fons. After the French Revolution, the abbey church was demolished except for the 18th-century façade. In 1845 the abbey was restored by trappists from the Abbey of Le Gard under the direction of Abbot Stanislas Lapierre. Today the abbey has four daughter abbeys.

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