Segneri, Paolo, The Younger

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Jesuit preacher, nephew of the renowned ascetical writer and orator; b. Rome, Oct. 18, 1673; d. Sinagaglia, June 25, 1713. After studies at the Roman College, he joined the Society of Jesus in 1689; like his uncle, Paolo Segneri, he dedicated himself to mission and retreat work. His preaching throughout central and northern Italy was marked by astonishing conversions, and he soon acquired a widespread reputation. He was a writer of considerable merit, composing and translating treatises dealing with mission preaching and the spiritual exercises. Dell' amore di Dioe de' mezzi per acquistarlo appeared in 1707 at Lucca and underwent many editions; a translation into Italian of F. Nepveu's De l'amour de Jesus appeared the same year, followed by the Instruzione sopra la converzioni moderne in 1711 in Florence.

Bibliography: l. a. muratori, La Vita del padre Paolo Segneri Juniore (Modena 1720), includes several of Segneri's shorter works. p. pirri, "Ludovico Antonio Muratorie Paolo Segneri juniore. Una amicizia santa," Rivista di storia della Chiesa iri Italia 4 (1950) 569, with letters and documents.

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