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SEGRE (Segrè ), family in northern Italy, possibly of Spanish origin. The following are among its most important members: judah (14–15th centuries), author of tosafot on Ḥullin and Eruvin; his son nethanel (d. 1535), a scholar who lived in Lodi; jacob ben isaac (c. 1629), rabbi of Casale Monferrato, poet and liturgist, author of a seliḥah on the siege of Casale in 1629; abraham ben zerah (d. 1641), dayyan in Alessandria; nethanel ben aaron jacob (d. 1691), born in Chieri, later of *Cento. A collection of his responsa, entitled Ezer Ya'akov, is extant in manuscript. abraham ben judah (17th–18th centuries), rabbi, poet, and book collector in Casale Monferrato; Ḥayyim (17th century), lived in Padua. He was considered a supporter of *Shabbetai Ẓevi and was one of the three delegates sent from Italy to the East in 1666 to study the Shabbatean movement. His work Binyan Av on the regulations for blowing the shofar is unpublished. His son elisha lived in Vercelli and was the father of Joshua Benzion *Segrè (c. 1705–1797). benjamin, grandson of Ḥayyim (18th–19th centuries), a scholar in Vercelli, was the father of Salvatore *Segre (1729–1809). abraham ben judah (d. 1772) was born in Turin. At the age of 25 he emigrated to Safed and later lived in Jerusalem. He studied under Israel Ashkenazi and wrote commentaries on the Mishnah and on Maimonides' Mishneh Torah, responsa, and sermons. Several times he traveled abroad as a rabbinical emissary. Other noted members of the family were Corrado *Segrè (1863–1924), mathematician; Gino *Segrè (1864–1942), jurist; Roberto *Segrè (1872–1936), general; Arturo *Segrè (1873–1928), historian, and Emilio Gino *Segrè (1905–1989), Italian-American nuclear physicist.


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