Segrè, Roberto

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SEGRÈ, ROBERTO (1872–1939), Italian soldier. Son of an army colonel, Segrè was made an officer at the age of 18 and joined the artillery corps. He was transferred to the general staff in 1902. He served in the Italo-Turkish war (1911–12), and was decorated several times. During World War i Segrè commanded artillery formations in the battle of Gorizia (1916) and in 1917 was made chief of staff of the fifth army corps. After the war he was appointed head of the Italian-Austrian Armistice Commission. Segrè was eventually promoted to lieutenant general and corps commander. He served in this last capacity until the racial laws of 1938 forced him to resign his commission. An outstanding gunnery officer, Segrè was capable of using heavy artillery with devastating effect. He published numerous military studies and books on military history and politics and was awarded several decorations, including the Cross of Savoy.


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