Seguín, Juan José María Erasmo (1782–1857)

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Seguín, Juan José María Erasmo (1782–1857)

Juan José María Erasmo Seguín (b. 26 May 1782; d. 30 October 1857), Texas political figure. A merchant, farmer, and rancher, Seguín served as San Antonio postmaster and held other municipal posts in the 1810s and 1820s. During the Mexican War of Independence he apparently remained loyal to Spain.

Seguín undertook special assignments for the government. In 1821 the governor of Texas sent him to inform Moses Austin of approval of the latter's colonization plan. Elected Texas representative to the Constituent Congress of 1823–1824, Seguín spent much time in Mexico City advocating Anglo immigration to Texas.

Closely identified with the Anglos, Seguín was removed from government office at the outbreak of the Texas rebellion in 1835. Following the war he served briefly as county judge. He soon retired to rebuild his farm and ranch, where he died.

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Seguín, Juan José María Erasmo (1782–1857)

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