Schwartz, Phinehas (Pinḥas) Selig Ha-Kohen

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SCHWARTZ, PHINEHAS (Pinḥas) SELIG HA-KOHEN (Sigmund ; 1877–1944), Hungarian scholar. He was born in Felsővisó and died in the Holocaust. His most important work is Shem ha-Gedolim me-Ereẓ Hagar (3 vols., 1913, 1915), a series of biographies of Hungarian rabbis and a bibliographical list of their works. In 1935 and 1941 he published supplements in two pamphlets (all photocopied 1950). Despite its many errors, the book still serves as a biographical source for the rabbis of Hungary.

Between 1932 and 1935, Schwartz published a Torah periodical entitled Or Torah and several valuable works on specific topics, including: Yizraḥ Or (1925, photocopy 1952), the order of the blessing of the sun; Givat Pinḥas (1926), on the laws of the slaughter and examination of animals; Ateret Paz (1928), on the laws of the priestly blessing; Minḥat Omer (1931, photocopy 1969), on the laws of the counting of the Omer; Temimei Derekh (1935, 2nd ed. Szatmar, 1947, photocopy in German, no date), on the laws of the blessing and prayers on going on a journey; Minḥah Ḥadashah (1937, photocopy n.y. 1969), topics connected with Shavuot; Shulḥan Arukh Yoreh De'ah (1938), on the laws of the redemption of a firstborn, together with his own novellae on that topic. A detailed list of his works was published by N. Ben-Menahem in Aresheth, 4 (1966), 427–35.

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Schwartz, Phinehas (Pinḥas) Selig Ha-Kohen

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