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SAVRAN (Bendery ), ḥasidic dynasty. moses Ẓevi savran (d. 1838), son of R. simeon solomon, held rabbinical posts in Berdichev, Savran (in Podolia), and Titshlinik. From boyhood he excluded from his life all activities that might distract him from his studies. Savran strongly opposed the ḥasidic followers of Naḥman of *Bratslav, whom he denounced as "sinners," and warned his followers not to intermarry with them. Azriel Dov, a disciple of Moses Ẓevi, collected the discourses of his master, which were published under the title Likkutei Shoshanim (1872). His son simeon solomon (d. 1848) and his grandson david (d. 1913), son-in-law of Nahum of *Chernobyl, continued the dynasty. The second son of Simeon Solomon, aryeh leib of bendery (d. 1854) founded a dynasty which produced four ḥasidic leaders, simeon solomon (d. 1864), isaac (d. 1911), son-in-law of Joseph of Radziwillow, simeon solomon (d. 1924), and joseph (b. 1882).


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