Sánchez, Juan

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Moral theologian; b. Avila, Spain, date unknown; d. c. 1624. He was an exponent of laxism, and one of the propositions condemned by the Holy Office, March 2, 1679, was his (Denz 2104). As did other laxists, Sanchez maintained that an opinion enjoying speculative probability was also practically probable, and that all probable opinions were equally safe in practice. One of his works, Selectae et practicae disputationes de rebus in administratione sacramentorum (Madrid 1642), was put on the Index donec corrigatur (i.e., pending its correction) because of the many lax opinions it contained.

Bibliography: h. hurter, Nomenclator literarius theologiae catholicae, 5 vol. (3rd ed. Innsbruck 190313) 3:592594.

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Sánchez, Juan

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