Sánchez, Luis Alberto (1900–1994)

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Sánchez, Luis Alberto (1900–1994)

Luis Alberto Sánchez (b. 12 October 1900; d. 6 February 1994), Peruvian literary historian and politician. Sánchez received doctorates in literature (1922) and law (1925) from the University of San Marcos, where he taught Latin American literature for forty years and served three times as president (1946–1949, 1961–1963, 1966–1969). After joining the Peruvian Aprista Party in 1931, he was elected to two Constituent Assemblies (1932, 1978–1979), the Chamber of Deputies (1945–1948), the Senate (1963–1968, 1980–1992), and the vice presidency of the Republic (1985–1990), and served as acting president of the country on several occasions from 1985 to 1990. During two decades as a political exile, Sánchez was literary editor of Ercilla in Chile and visiting professor in several universities, including Columbia and the Sorbonne. In 1980 he was elected a member of the Peruvian Academy of the Spanish Language and corresponding member of the Spanish Royal Academy. Sánchez, one of the most prolific Peruvian writers of his time, wrote more than sixty books, including La literatura peruana (5 vols., 1982), Historia comparada de las literaturas americanas (4 vols., 1973–1976), and Perú: Nuevo retrato de un país adolescente (Lima, 1981). He died in Lima.

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                            Eugenio Chang-RodrÍguez

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Sánchez, Luis Alberto (1900–1994)

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