Sánchez, Prisciliano (1783–1826)

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Sánchez, Prisciliano (1783–1826)

Prisciliano Sánchez (b. 4 January 1783; d. 30 December 1826), Mexican federalist leader and first governor of Jalisco. Born in the village of Ahuacatlán, Nueva Galicia province, Sánchez's parents died when he was young. After largely educating himself, Sánchez entered Guadalajara's Conciliary Seminary (1804). He briefly took the Franciscan habit, later studying law. During Hidalgo's revolution (1810), Sánchez served in various municipal positions in Compostela, where he was known to sympathize with the insurgent cause.

After independence Sánchez helped make Jalisco a federalist center. He served in the first Mexican congress (Iturbide period) and in 1823 published his influential Federal Pact (Pacto Federal de Anáhuac). In the Constitutional Congress (1823–1824) and as Jalisco's governor (1826), Sánchez helped frame federalist measures, notably the personal contribution tax and Article 7, which made Catholicism the state religion.

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Sánchez, Prisciliano (1783–1826)

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