Sánchez Hernández, Fidel (1917–2003)

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Sánchez Hernández, Fidel (1917–2003)

Fidel Sánchez Hernández (b. 1917; d. 28 February 2003), president of El Salvador (1967–1972). Born in San Miguel, Sánchez Hernández graduated from the National Military Academy. He was minister of the interior when he was tapped by outgoing president Julio A. Rivera (1962–1967), to be the candidate of the military-backed National Conciliation Party (PCN) in 1967. Although winning easily nationwide, the PCN won only 41 percent of the votes in San Salvador. As a result, Sánchez Hernández felt pressed to continue the mild reformism of his predecessor, pushing through a rural minimum-wage law.

Falling coffee and cotton prices in 1968 stimulated trade union militancy and the congressional elections brought the opposition parties within two seats of the PCN. However, success in fighting in the 1969 "Football War" with Honduras (a conflict over borders, trade relations, and immigration policy triggered by the actions of unruly fans at two preliminary World Cup soccer matches held in Tegucigalpa and San Salvador in June 1969) restored the popularity of the government. He died of a heart attack on February 28, 2003.

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Sánchez Hernández, Fidel (1917–2003)

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Sánchez Hernández, Fidel (1917–2003)