Sánchez Delgadillo, Jenaro, St.

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Martyr, priest; b. Sept. 19, 1876, at Zapopán, Jalisco, Archdiocese of Guadalajara, Mexico; d. Jan. 17, 1927, Tecolotlán. Guadalajara. He completed seminary studies at Guadalajara, was ordained (1911), and zealously exercised his priesthood as an associate in various parishes. When the government closed the churches, Sánchez furtively continued his sacramental duties. He was captured by soldiers while walking in a field with some friends. Although his companions were freed, he was tortured and hanged. Initially buried in the church at Tecolotlán, his body was translated (1934) to that of Cocula. Fr. Sánchez was both beatified (Nov. 22, 1992) and canonized (May 21, 2000) with Cristobal magallanes by Pope John Paul II.

Feast: May 25 (Mexico).

Bibliography: j. cardoso, Los mártires mexicanos (Mexico City 1953). j. dÍaz estrella, El movimiento cristero: sociedady conflicto en los Altos de Jalisco (México, D.F. 1979).

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Sánchez Delgadillo, Jenaro, St.

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Sánchez Delgadillo, Jenaro, St.