Samuel of Evreux

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SAMUEL OF EVREUX (also called Ha-Sar mi-Evreux , "theprince from Evreux," first half of 13th century), talmudist and tosafist of Normandy. He was apparently a pupil of *Isaac b. Abraham and was also in contact with *Jehiel of Paris and *Nethanel of Chinon, to whom he addressed halakhic problems. The sources (see *Orḥot Ḥayyim and *Kol Bo) speak of his pious customs. Samuel, together with his brothers *Moses and *Isaac, headed the yeshivah of Evreux where, except for a brief stay in Chateau-Thierry, he dwelt most of his life. His halakhic methods are incorporated in the works written jointly with his brothers that were known as Shitat Evreux ("the school of Evreux"), and the particular contributions of each brother are not always distinguishable. Samuel's pupils included *Jonah Gerondi, *Isaac of Corbeil, *Perez b. Elijah, and *Meir b. Baruch of Rothenburg.


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Samuel of Evreux

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