Rymanower, Ẓevi Hirsh

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RYMANOWER, ẒEVI HIRSH (1778–1847), Ḥasidic leader known as "Hirsh Mesharet" ("Hirsh the Attendant"). He was born in Dombrowa and learned tailoring as a boy. Under the influence of Moses of Przeworsk he became a Ḥasid and disciple of Mendel Rymanower. After the latter's death he stayed with Naphtali Ẓevi *Ropshitser for about 12 years, was recognized as his successor in 1827, and became known as a miracle-worker. His only son, Joseph ha-Kohen Rymanower (d. 1913), was his successor. Be'erot ha-Mayim (1894), edited by A.A. Kanarvogel, contains Ẓevi Hirsh's sermons on the daily portions of the Torah and those for Sabbath and festivals. Between the sermons, the editor included tales about Ẓevi Hirsh, adding at the end of the book a collection of sermons called Yikkavu ha-Mayim by Ẓevi Hirsh and some other Ḥasidic leaders.


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