Rosen (Formerly Rosenzweig), Abraham

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ROSEN (formerly Rosenzweig), ABRAHAM

ROSEN (formerly Rosenzweig ), ABRAHAM (1889–1974), Hebrew poet. Born in a village near Dunayevtsy (Podolia province), Rosen taught in various Russian towns from 1908 on, and in Chernovtsy (Bukovina) from 1921 to 1925. Settling in Ereẓ Israel in 1925, he taught there until his retirement in 1957. From 1920, Rosen's poems appeared in Hebrew newspapers and periodicals, both in Israel and other countries.

His books of poetry are: Im Loven Derakhim (1933); Yamim (1937); Le-Nir Avot (1929); Sheloshah ba-Moledet (1941); Shirim (1950); Shirim Ḥadashim (1957); Shivim va-Ḥamishah Shirim Ḥadashim (1964). A book of his stories, Temurot, appeared in 1968. He was the editor of a volume commemorating the community of Kamenets-Podolski. He translated Pushkin's "Legends" into Hebrew (1947). A collection of poems (Mivḥar Shirim) appeared in 1993.

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