Robert of Bruges, Bl.

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Abbot; b. Bruges, Belgium, end of 11th century; d. Clairvaux, France, April 29, 1157. He was teaching at laon when bernard of clairvaux, in the course of a journey to liÈge, convinced him to accept the monastic vocation. Together with about 30 companions, the socalled captura leodiensis, he followed the abbot and entered the cistercian Order at the Abbey of clairvaux in 1131. Bernard had a high regard for Robert, and in 1138 he installed him as first Cistercian abbot at les dunes, in Flanders, near his birthplace. On the death of Bernard in 1153, Robert succeeded him as second abbot of Clairvaux. Two letters are preserved that Bernard had written to his disciple before his death (Patrologia Latina, 182:530). He was early honored by the Cistercians, and he is mentioned in the martyrology of 1491, as well as in the Missal of 1526. He was buried at Clairvaux.

Feast: April 29.

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Robert of Bruges, Bl.

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