Robert of Flamborough

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Canon penitentiary at the Abbey of saint-victor, Paris, author of a Penitential that was forerunner of the summae casuum and so of later manuals of moral theology; b. probably Flamborough, Yorkshire, c. 113580; d. Paris, c. 121933. His Penitential, or Liber poenitentialis, completed between 1208 and 1213, is a small book of instruction for the confessor. The first two-thirds is a dialogue in which extensive use is made of commentaries on the Decretum of gratian, especially that by huguccio, and of decretals of popes from alexander iii to innocent iii. His uncritical use of these sources resulted in excessive legalism. The last third consists of old penitential canons copied from the Penitential of bartholomew of exeter and from the Decretum of ivo of chartres. These canons, already obsolete in their literal application, were intended as a basis for the apportioning of penance. The author was criticized by his contemporaries for his reliance on these old canons; yet some continued to copy and annotate them for practical use even a century later.

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Robert of Flamborough

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