Quinctian of Clermont, St.

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Bishop; d. 525 or 526. Quinctian (Quintian) was probably a native of Africa who, during the Arian persecutions there, fled to Gaul. In 506 he appeared as the bishop of Rodez at the synod of Agde; he also participated in the synod of Orléans (511). The Arian Visigoths in Auvergne suspected him of collaboration with their enemy, clovis, and Quinctian was forced to flee from Rodez (c. 512). He sought refuge with Bishop Euphrasius at Clermont, where he became bishop in 515. His biographer, gregory of tours, extols his goodness and inexhaustible energy, his concern for the needy, and his fearlessness.

Feast: Nov. 13.

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Quinctian of Clermont, St.

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