Postgate, Nicholas, Bl.

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Priest, martyr; alias Watson, Whitmore; b. ca. 159697 at Kirkdale House, Egton (Eyton) Bridge, Yorkshire; hanged, drawn, and quartered Aug. 7,1679at York under Charles II. He studied at Douai (16211628), where he wasordained priest in 1628. On June 29, 1630, he began his fruitful, 49-yearapostolate in Yorkshire. He was apprehended by the exciseman Reeves at the house of Matthew Lyth of Sleights, Little Beck (near Whitby), and was condemned for hispriesthood. Following his execution, his remains were given to his friends and interred. One of hishands was sent to Douai College and his portable altar-stone to Dodding Green, Westmoreland. He was beatified by Pope John Paul II on Nov. 22, 1987 with George Haydock and Companions.

Feast of the English Martyrs: May 4 (England).

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