Our Lady of the Way, Society of

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An international secular institute of pontifical right, founded 1936 by Karl Dinkhauser, S.J. and Maria Elisabeth von Strachotinsky. Originally established as a pious union in 1936, Pope Pius XII reorganized it as a secular institute in 1947. In 1953, it became a secular institute of pontifical right. The members vow to follow the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty, and obedience; but they remain integrated in their social and occupational groups. They follow various occupations, live wherever appropriate for their apostolate, and do not wear a distinctive garb. The society does not have works of its own; its apostolate is accomplished by the immersion of its members into their own local and occupational fields. The spirit of the society and its constitution stem from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius: to work for the glory of God; to develop an alert conscience and a strong sense of responsibility; to be ready for self-sacrifice; and to be aware of the call to apostolic ministry in each and all encounters. The society has members worldwide in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, India, Japan and the Philippines.

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Our Lady of the Way, Society of

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