Our Song

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Our Song ★★★ 2001 (R)

Not your average teen drama. McKay's second dramatic feature concerning the troubled lives of adolescent girls faced with tough choices is a quietly affecting, poetic and solid effort. First-time actors Washington, Simpson and Martinez bring poignancy and realism to their roles as high school friends living in the Brooklyn projects and rehearsing for a marching band competition. The expected issues are present, but the film's treatment of them is what makes it unique. Bold in its way of forgoing major plot drama in favor of finding powerful moments in small places and offering food for thought. Real-life marching band the Jackie Robinson Steppers, who were the inspiration for the film, provide a focal point for the story and punch to the mostly languid pacing. 96m/C VHS, DVD . US Kerry Washington, Anna Simpson, Melissa Martinez, Marlene Forte, Rosalyn Coleman, Ray Anthony Thomas, D'Monroe, Kim Howard, Carmen Lopez; D: Jim McKay; W: Jim McKay; C: Jim Denault.