Our Hospitality

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Our Hospitality ★★★★ 1923

One of Keaton's finest silent films, with all the elements in place. William McKay (Keaton) travels to the American South on a quaint train (a near-exact replica of the Stephenson Rocket), to claim an inheritance as the last survivor of his family. En route, a young woman traveler informs him that her family has had a long, deadly feud with his, and that they intend to kill him. McKay resolves to get the inheritance, depending on the Southern rule of hospitality to guests to save his life until he can make his escape. Watch for the river scene where, during filming, Keaton's own life was really in danger. By the way, Keaton married his leading lady in real life. 74m/B VHS, DVD . Buster Keaton, Natalie Talmadge, Joe Keaton, Buster Keaton Jr., Kitty Bradbury, Joe Roberts, Monte (Monty) Collins; D: John Blystone, Buster Keaton; W: Jean C. Havez, Joseph A. Mitchell, Clyde Bruckman; C: Elgin Lessley, Gordon Jennings.

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Our Hospitality

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