Ouled Sidi Cheikh

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a nineteenth-century tribal confederation/brotherhood of western algeria.

Because of their location in western Algeria, this powerful group of tribes was often influenced by the sultan of neighboring Morroco. The Ouled (also Awlad Sidi Shaykh) had capricious relations with the authorities of French colonialism. They cooperated with Governor-General Thomas-Robert Bugeaud de la Piconnerie against the renowned Amir Abd alQadir. One of the chief collaborators, however, Mohammed ben Abdallah, later turned against the French. This led to conflicts at Laghaout (1852) and Touggourt (1854). Then, during this campaign, Si Hamza, of the Ouled (Cheraga), joined the French.

A basic lack of French sensibilities toward the confederation's traditions produced a major insurrection in 1864/65. During the Great Kabylia Revolt of 1871, the Ouled were generally restive rather than rebelliousthen passive thereafter in relations with the French.

see also kabylia.

phillip c. naylor