Ouen of Rouen, St.

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Bishop also known as Owen, Audoin, Dado, or Audo (e) nus; b. near Soissons, France; d. Clichy, Aug. 24,684. Ouen came from a wealthy family and was the longest-lived of several distinguished men educated at the court of Chlothar II (d. 629), who served Dagobert I (629639) and ultimately became bishops. While referendary (chancellor) to Dagobert, he founded the monastery of Rebais near Meaux and obtained for it a famous privilege (635). Consecrated bishop of Rouen (May 13,641), he promoted monasticism (notably at fontenelle) and built many churches. His support of the palace mayor Ebroïn illustrates a continued interest in public affairs. Late in life he undertook a pilgrimage to Rome. His remains were translated to Rouen and accorded a public cult (May 7, 685).

Feast: Aug. 24.

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