Odo (Oda) of Canterbury, St.

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Archbishop of canterbury; d. June 2, 958. Odo, called "the Good," was born of pagan Danish parents but brought up by a thane of King alfred. King Athelstan made him bishop of Ramsbury in 927 and employed him as ambassador to Hugh Capet, duke of the Franks. In 942 King Edmund offered him the See of Canterbury, which he accepted only after receiving the Benedictine habit from Fleury. As archbishop he restored Elmham as a separate bishopric for East Anglia, ordered his bishops to make annual visitations of their dioceses, and made the building of parish churches part of his church reform. He ordered ten chapters dealing with morals and ecclesiastical discipline to be drawn up. Although not enacted by a synod, "Odo's Chapters are the only 10th-century ordinances of the same category as synodal acts and related sources." The Chapters are drawn largely from the Legatine Councils of 786. Odo also encouraged Frithegode to write a metrical Life of St. Wilfrid of York. Odo's cult was observed at Canterbury, where his name appears in calendars of Christ Church (Henry Bradshaw Society 72: 175; 77:73).

Feast: July 4 (formerly June 2).

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