Neumeyer, Karl

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NEUMEYER, KARL (1869–1941), German international lawyer. Born in Munich, Neumeyer completed the renowned Maximilians-Gymnasium. After studying law in Munich, Berlin, and Geneva, he became a lecturer at the University of Munich in 1910. He was a member of the Institut de Droit International in The Hague and represented Germany at the sixth Hague conference on private international law in 1928. In 1929 he was made professor of international law at Munich University and in 1931 became dean of the faculty of law. Though removed from all his posts in 1933 following the Nazi rise to power, Neumeyer refused to leave Germany and continued his research under most difficult conditions. After the Nazis confiscated Neumeyer's private library and it became obvious that the couple would be forced to leave their residence at Koeniginstrasse, Karl Neumeyer and his wife, Anna, committed suicide in July 1941. His brother Alfred *Neumeyer immigrated to Argentina in January 1941.

Neumeyer was the author of several important works on international law, including Die gemeinrechtliche Entwicklung des internationalen Privat-und Strafrechts bis Bartolus (2 vols., 1901–16), a history of international law; Internationales Privatrecht (1923), a detailed analysis of the sources of international law; and Internationales Verwaltungsrecht (4 vols., 1910–36), in which he set out his system of international administrative law.


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