Neumann, Yeḥeskel Moshe

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NEUMANN, YEḤESKEL MOSHE (1893–1956), Yiddish poet, satirist, journalist, editor. Born in Zhichlin, Poland, he was educated in Lodz. He wrote for the Lodzher Morgnblat, edited booklets on literature and art, and was a founder of the Lodz writers' group "Yung Yiddish"; he later wrote film and theater reviews for the Warsaw daily Haynt, whose literary editor he became in 1933. In addition to contributing to various Yiddish periodicals, he was among the pioneers of Yiddish film, co-writing the scripts for "Al Ḥet" ("For the Sin," 1936) and "Tkias Kaf " ("Handshake," 1937). During World War ii he fled to Russia, before immigrating to Palestine (1940) and joining the editorial board of the daily Davar. He wrote about problems of the Yiddish and Hebrew theater, published articles in the Yiddish journal Di Goldene Keyt, and wrote about Jewish artists and architects. He also composed the dramatic poem "Don Kishot in Shotn fun der Palme" ["Don Quixote in the Shadow of the Palm Tree," in: Di Goldene Keyt (1951)] and "A Khasene in Yerusholayim" ("A Wedding in Jerusalem," ibid., 1953).


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[Israel Ch. Biletzky]