Neumeyer, Alfred

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NEUMEYER, ALFRED (1867–1944), lawyer, chairman of the Jewish Community of Munich (Israelitische Kultusge meinde Muenchen); founder and chairman of the Association of Jewish Communities in Bavaria (Verband Bayerischer Israelitischer Gemeinden). Born in Munich, Neumeyer completed the renowned Maximilians-Gymnasium and studied law in Munich and Berlin. He worked as a judge in several Bavarian cities until he was appointed to the Higher State Court (Oberlandesgericht) in Munich in 1918. In 1929 he was appointed to the Bavarian Highest State Court (Oberstes Bayerisches Landesgericht) in Munich. In June 1933 he was forced to retire. Neumeyer led the Jewish community in Munich until his immigration to Colonia Avigdor (Argentina) in January 1941. His brother, Karl *Neumeyer, committed suicide in July 1941.


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[Andreas Heusler (2nd ed.)]