Marianist Sisters

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Or Daughters of Mary, popular title for the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary Immaculate (Filiae Mariae, FMI, Official Catholic Directory #0870), a religious congregation founded in 1816 in Agen, France, by Guillaume chaminade and Adèle de Trenquelléon (17981828). Like the marianists, this institute developed from the sodality of the Blessed Mother organized in 1800 by Chaminade. The Holy See gave final approval to the constitutions in 1888. The sisters engage chiefly in primary and secondary education; they also work as catechists, retreat directors, and youth ministers. In the U.S., the first house was established in 1949 in Somerset, Texas. The generalate is in Rome. The U.S. provincialate is in San Antonio, Texas.

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Marianist Sisters

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