Liberian Catalogue

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A list of popes with dates from St. Peter to liberius (352366), which forms a part of the compilation of chronological and liturgical data contained in the chronographer of 354. It is evidently the earliest version of the liber pontificalis and consists of two sections: one dating the pontificates from Peter to 231 (Pontianus 230235), which was apparently constructed from authentic but faulty traditions; and one from 231352, which seems to reflect official documentation. This list was probably prepared in 336 under Pope Mark and then revised and published under Pope Liberius as a section of the Chronographer of 354. The catalogue gives 25 years for the reign of St. Peter, and this is repeated by Eusebius-Jerome (Chronicon 2, ed. R. Helm, Die griechischen christlichen Schriftsteller der ersten drei Jahrhunderte 7:179). But all the dates down to Eleutherius (175189) are conjectural at best.

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