Libedinsky Tschorne, Marcos

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LIBEDINSKY TSCHORNE, MARCOS (1933– ), Chilean jurist. Born in Santiago, after Libedinsky obtained his degree in law from the University of Chile (1958) he entered the judiciary system in 1966, serving in the 4th Court of Santiago.

In 1974 he was appointed registrar of the Court of Appeals of Santiago. In 1993 he was appointed a member of the Supreme Court of Justice and in 2001 the plenum of the Supreme Court nominated him minister of the Constitutional Court. In 2004 he was elected president of the Chilean Supreme Court of Justice, becoming the first Jew to serve in this post. Libedinsky also taught law for over 30 years in the universities of Chile and Gabriela Mistral, as well as in the University Finis Terrae, where he also served as dean of the Faculty of Law (1999–2004).

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