Krauss, Judah Ha-Kohen

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KRAUSS, JUDAH HA-KOHEN (1858–1939), Hungarian rabbi, halakhist, and preacher. Krauss was ordained by his teacher Moses *Schick and by Moses Pollak, the av bet din of Bonyhád and by Eliezer Susman of Paks. In 1885 he was appointed rabbi of Lackenbach where he served for 50 years. The community was one of the seven oldest in Hungary and had a long tradition of learning. Here Krauss founded a yeshivah which attracted many students, and his fame spread. He was an outstanding preacher. At the request of Moses Schick, he published homiletical and aggadic works in German written in Hebrew characters. He also published and edited in six volumes Davar be-Itto (1909–13), a religious homiletical journal which became a source book for preachers and lecturers in German-speaking countries. Krauss paid especial attention to the education of youth. In 1935 he immigrated to Jerusalem where he devoted himself to study.


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[Adonijahu Krauss]