Krauskopf, Konrad (Bates)

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KRAUSKOPF, Konrad (Bates)

KRAUSKOPF, Konrad (Bates). American, b. 1910. Genres: Earth sciences. Career: Professor of Geochemistry Emeritus, Geology Dept., Stanford University, since 1976 (Acting Instructor in Physical Science, 1935-39, Assistant Professor of Geology, 1939-42, Associate Professor, 1942-50, and Professor of Geochemistry, 1950-76). Geologist, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California, 1944-88. Instructor in Chemistry, University of California, 1934-35; Chief Geographic Section, General Headquarters, U.S. Army Far East Command, Tokyo, 1947-48. President, American Geological Institute, 1964, Geological Society of America, 1967, and Geochemical Society, 1970. Publications: Fundamentals of Physical Science, 1941, 6th ed. (with A. Beiser) 1971; (with A. Beiser) The Physical Universe, 1960, 6th ed., 1991, 7th ed., 1992; (with A. Beiser) Introduction to Physics and Chemistry, 1964, 1969; (with D.K. Bird) Introduction to Geochemistry, 1967, 3rd ed., 1995; The Third Planet, 1974; (with A. Beiser) Introduction to Earth Science, 1975; Radioactive Waste Disposal and Geology, 1988. Died 2003.