Klausner, Israel

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KLAUSNER, ISRAEL (1905–1981), Hebrew writer and historian. Born in Troki (Lithuania), Klausner, a cousin of Joseph *Klausner, settled in Palestine in 1936. He joined the staff of the Zionist Archives in Jerusalem, where he served as assistant director from 1956. His writings on the history of the Jews in Vilna include Korot Beit ha-Almin ha-Yashan be-Vilna (1935), and Toledot ha-Kehillah ha-Ivrit be-Vilna (1938). Among his works on Zionist history are Ḥibbat Ẓiyyon be-Romanyah (1958), Oppoziẓyah le-Herzl (1960), and Mi-Katoviẓ ad Basel (2 vols., 1965).


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