Klausner, Ẓevi Hirsch

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KLAUSNER, ẒEVI HIRSCH (1802–1887), rabbi and author. Klausner received his education from his father, ze'ev wolf of rawicz (1761–1861), a scholar, who from 1804 to 1811 was rabbi of Oborniki, and from 1811 until his death, of Exin (Kcynia), where he was head of a yeshivah. One of four children, Ẓevi Hirsch suffered greatly during his lifetime, wandering from place to place. After the successive deaths of two wives, he married a third time and settled in the small town of Mechisko. There, isolated from all intellectual contact, he published his works. Raẓ le-Mishnah (1857), on the commentators to the Mishnah, attempts in particular to resolve the well-known difficulties in the Mishnah raised by Akiva Eger, and has a moving introduction by Klausner to explain his "impertinence." He added supplements to this work, one entitled Ta ha-Raẓim (1864), and two poems by his brothers, mordecai isaac and jacob. The books received approbations, particularly from the rabbis of Germany.


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