Kecskeméti, Ármin

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KECSKEMÉTI, ÁRMIN (1874–1944), Hungarian rabbi and scholar. Kecskeméti was born in Kecskemet, Hungary. He studied in Budapest at the rabbinical seminary and the university. He served as rabbi in Mako, Hungary, from 1898 to 1944 and also lectured on Jewish history at Szeged University. He died in the Strasshof concentration camp. For his studies Kecskeméti was able to use the rich library of Immanuel *Loew. Kecskeméti's works, which were mainly popular, include A zsidó irodalom története ("History of Jewish Literature," 2 vols., 1908–09); Azsidók egyetemes története ("Universal History of the Jews," 2 vols., 1927); Izrael története a bibliai korban ("History of Israel in Biblical Times," 1942); and A csanádmegyei zsidók története ("History of the Jews in the District of Csanád," 1929), which discusses his own community, Mako.

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