Kee, Robert

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KEE, Robert

KEE, Robert. British (born India), b. 1919. Genres: Novels, History, Autobiography/Memoirs. Career: Journalist; Television and radio broadcaster in U.K. Publications: A Crowd Is Not Company, 1947, new ed., 2000; The Impossible Shore, 1949; A Sign of the Times, 1955; Broadstrop in Season, 1959; Refugee World, 1959; The Green Flag: A History of Irish Nationalism, 1972, new ed., 2000; Ireland: A History, 1980, rev. ed., 1995; The World We Left Behind, 1984; The World We Fought For, 1985; Trial and Error, 1986; Munich: The Eleventh Hour, 1988; Picture Post Album, 1989; The Laurel and the Ivy: Parnell and Irish Nationalism, 1993. Address: c/o Roger Coleridge and White, 20 Powis Mews, London W11 1JN, England.