Julian of le Mans, St.

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Bishop; dates unknown. According to the episcopal lists, he was the first bishop of Le Mans. His vita, written at the request of Bishop Avesgaud (d. 1036), has no historical value. Bishop bertram of le mans (d. 616) provided the earliest reference to a Bishop Julian of Le Mans when he made a bequest "to the basilica S. Juliani Episcopi. " He stated that this basilica, on the right bank of the Sarthe, had been built over Julian's tomb near the basilica of Saint-Victor. When both these churches were abandoned, Bishop aldric of le mans transferred the remains of his predecessors to the recently built west choir of his cathedral and dedicated the altar to them (June 21, 835). In time Julian replaced Saints gervase and protase as titular saint of the east choir. Bishop Mainard (d. 968) ordered a silver reliquary for his remains. Fulk of Anjou, leaving for Jerusalem, invoked the protection of St. Julian for his son Geoffrey and his lands (1128). Julian was made patron of the cathedral in 1158; he is represented in several of its stainedglass windows. In 1254 his remains were translated to the cathedral's Gothic choir. Julian is also honored at Bayeux, at Paderborn, southern England, and even in Russia.

Feast: Jan. 27

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Julian of le Mans, St.

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