Juedische Presse

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JUEDISCHE PRESSE , German weekly reflecting an Orthodox viewpoint, published in Berlin. The Juedische Presse was founded in 1870 on the initiative of Azriel *Hildesheimer, and edited from 1884 to 1910 by his son, Hirsch *Hildesheimer. From the first, it reflected Hildesheimer's view on the evils of *ḥalukkah and on the need in Jerusalem for educational reform and technical training. The paper also supported the *Ḥibbat Zion movement and colonization in Ereẓ Israel, but was critical of *Herzl and of political Zionism. In communal politics, it stood against the dogmatic secessionism (Austritt) of some Orthodox from the community, with its center in Frankfurt, and defended the so-called "communal Orthodoxy" which worked within the framework of the state-established congregations. In 1919 the Juedische Presse became the official organ of the German *Mizrachi (with a Hebrew and Yiddish supplement) but ceased publication in 1923.


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