Judy Berlin

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Judy Berlin ★★½ 1999

It's a school day in the placid suburb of Babylon, Long Island. Teacher Sue (Barrie) likes to flirt with weary principal Arthur (Dishy) who has a high-maintenance wife, Alice (Kahn), and a mopey grown son, David (Harnick), whose homecoming visit has gone on too long. Sue has her own offspring problems with sunnily ditsy, aspiring actress daughter Judy (Falco). Then Judy and David meet cute and a solar eclipse seems to inspire strange behavior. 97m/B VHS . Barbara Barrie, Bob (Robert) Dishy, Edie Falco, Aaron Harnick, Madeline Kahn, Carlin Glynn, Julie Kavner, Anne Meara; D: Eric Mendelsohn; W: Eric Mendelsohn; C: Jeffrey Seckendorf; M: Michael Nicholas. Sundance ‘99: Director (Mendelsohn).