Jordan Forzatè, Bl.

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B. Padua, Italy, c. 1158; d. Venice, 1248. After studying law, he became a camaldolese monk and was later prior of San Benedetto Novello in Padua, which he began rebuilding in 1195. gregory ix appointed him (1231) examiner in the canonization process for anthony of padua. During frederick ii's struggle with the popes, Jordan, as doctor decretalium (see decretalists) of the city council of Padua, played a crucial role in the quarrel. Imprisoned by Ezzelino III of Romagna in 1237, he was freed by Frederick two years later and took refuge in Aquileia. He went finally to the monastery Della Celestia in Venice. His body was moved in 1810 to the cathedral of Padua.

Feast: Aug. 7 (Padua, Treviso, Praglia).

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