Jolles, Zvi Enrico

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JOLLES, ZVI ENRICO (1902–1971), organic chemist. Born in Lemberg, Jolles was a pioneer in Ereẓ Israel in 1920 and worked on the land until 1924. He immigrated to Italy and studied at the University of Florence, where he subsequently became associate professor of applied chemistry and was consultant to the Italian Directorate of Naval Armaments (1931–34). In 1938, when the Fascists applied racial laws in Italy, he was dismissed from all appointments. He found refuge in London, joining the biochemical department of the Lister Institute. In 1940 Jolles joined the dyestuffs division of Imperial Chemical Industries in Manchester, where he pioneered novel dyestuffs applications, in particular fiber-reactive dyes. In 1955 he was appointed research director of two commercial firms, where he established a successful range of flame-retardants and other additives for polymers. On retiring he became adviser to the national Council for Research and Development of Israel. He contributed numerous papers, mainly in the field of nitrogen compounds. He was the author of more than 30 patents in fields of applied chemistry. He edited and contributed to Bromine and its Compounds (1966).

[Samuel Aaron Miller]