Jolles, Jacob Ẓevi ben Naphtali

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JOLLES, JACOB ẒEVI BEN NAPHTALI (c. 1778–1825), Galician talmudic scholar and kabbalist. Born in Przemysl, he served as rabbi in Glogow and Dinow. He leaned toward Ḥasidism, and was among the disciples of Jacob Isaac ha-Ḥozeh of Lublin. His most famous work was Melo ha-Ro'im (Zolkiew, 1838), an encyclopedic work on the rules and principles of rabbinic law which made a great impression and was reprinted several times. His other published works are Ḥinnukh Beit Yehudah, a homiletic work in philosophic style (Warsaw, 1869); Kehillat Ya'akov, an encyclopedic treatment of kabbalistic topics (Lemberg, 1870); Emet le-Ya'akov, a homiletic work in ḥasidic style (Lemberg, 1884); Beit Va'ad le-Hakhamim, a directory of talmudic sages (Cracow, 1884); Parashat Derakhim Zuta, homiletic discourses (Cracow, 1885); Zikhron Ya'akov vi-Yhudah also consisting of homiletic discourses (Munkacz, 1928); and Yashresh Ya'akov, on Kabbalah (New York, 1945). His notes and novellae on the Talmud are printed in the Vilna edition. Jolles composed many other books (27 are referred to in his foreword to Melo ha-Ro'im), but most of them have disappeared.


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