Joannes Lapus Castilioneus

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Lay canonist and teacher, b. Florence, Italy, d. June 27, 1381. He received his doctorate in law (1353) from Bologna, where he was a student of John Calderini and John of Lignano. He was professor of law in Florence until 1378. During this time he held important positions in the city government and was head of the Guelph party. He was sent on missions to Urban V and Gregory XI. He was accused of wanting to see Florence under the temporal power of the papacy and was forced to flee the city. His property was sold, and a reward was offered for his death or arrest and return to Florence. In spite of this, he won the favor of Charles of Durazzo and became professor of law in Padua. When Charles was crowned king, Castilioneus was appointed personal representative to the pope, who named him consistorial lawyer and senator. His principal works are Allegationes Iuris, Tractatus hospitalitatis, the first treatment of the privileges and juridic import of works of charity and Repetitiones.

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