Joaquim, Leandro (c. 1738–c. 1798)

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Joaquim, Leandro (c. 1738–c. 1798)

Leandro Joaquim (b. ca. 1738; d. ca. 1798), Brazilian painter and architect. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Joaquim studied with the painter João de Sousa and was a colleague of Manuel da Cunha. He collaborated with the sculptor Valentim da Fonseca E Silva (Mestre Valentim) on the Passeio Público and designed sets for the Teatro de Manuel Luis. Although his oeuvre consists primarily of religious paintings and portraits of governmental dignitaries, his few secular compositions have received particular acclaim. They include Incendio do Recolhimento do Parto and Reconstrução do Recolhimento do Parto and six oval panels commissioned for a pavilion in the Passeio Público. The latter are aesthetically among his best works but are also iconographically significant because they document social life and urban transformation in late-eighteenth-century Rio. As of 2007, 19 of the oval panels are housed among the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and the Museo Histórico Nacional. They include: Cena maritime, Pesca de Baleia na Baía de Guanabara, Procissão Marítima ao Hospital dos Lázaros, Revista Militar no Largo do Paço, Vista da Igreja da Glória e Vista da Lagoa do Boqueirão, and Dos Arcos da Carioca.

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Joaquim, Leandro (c. 1738–c. 1798)

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