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JESCHURUN , name of several Hebrew and German or German-Hebrew periodicals. The best known were:

(1) An Orthodox monthly published in German by Samson Raphael *Hirsch at Frankfurt (16 vols., 1854–70), and later issued as a weekly by his son Isaac Hirsch at Hanover (1883–88). Hirsch's famous polemics against Z. *Frankel and H. *Graetz first appeared in this Jeschurun.

(2) A less polemical and more scholarly periodical of moderate Conservative tendencies published by Joseph I. Kobak. This appeared with interruptions between 1856 and 1878 (nine volumes) at Lemberg, Breslau, Fuerth, and Bamberg. The first volume was in Hebrew only, the remainder in Hebrew and German. The contributors included L. *Dukes, S.D. *Luzzatto, S.J. *Rapoport, J. *Reifmann, M. *Steinschneider, and D. *Cassel.

(3) An Orthodox German-language monthly published by J. *Wohlgemuth during the years 1914–30 (17 volumes). It represented the ideology of the Berlin Rabbinical Seminary and published scholarly contributions written mainly by its teachers and pupils. Volumes 7–13 also contained a Hebrew section.


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