Jerusalimski, Moses Naḥum ben Benjamin

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JERUSALIMSKI, MOSES NAḤUM BEN BENJAMIN (1855–1914), rabbi and author. Jerusalimski served as rabbi of Kamenka in 1880, of Ostroleka in 1901, and in 1902 was appointed rabbi of Kielce. While still a young man, he corresponded with S.Z.H. *Halberstam of Sandec and J.S. *Nathanson of Lemberg. Although he never openly joined the Zionist movement, he was among the first Polish rabbis to support the Ḥovevei Zion. He also occupied himself with ramified communal activitiy and participated in the St. Petersburg conference of rabbis of 1909. He was the author of Minchat Moshe (1882) responsa, published together with Hukkei ha-Shem on the writing of names in bills of divorce; Be'er Moshe (1901), responsa and eulogies; Leshad ha-Shemen (1881), on Maimonides' Mishneh Torah; Birkat Moshe (1886), responsa, novellae, and the laws of *sheḥitah. Extracts from his diary during World War i were published in the Sefer Kilz [Kielce] (1957, pp. 273–93).


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[Itzhak Alfassi]

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Jerusalimski, Moses Naḥum ben Benjamin

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