James of Albenga

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Decretalist; b. about 1190 in Albenga, Italy, where he appears as early as 1210 as an advocate; time and place of his death are unknown. hostiensis (Henry of Segusio) and Peter of Sampson were among his students when he was teaching in Bologna between 1220 and 1230. He composed glosses on the decretum of gratian (contained in the Manuscript Vatican lat. 1367) and supplementary glosses on Tancred's disquisition to Compilatio Prima, and the famous commentary disquisition to the Compilatio Quinta. He was provost in his native city of Albenga. After Abbas Antiquus (bernard of montmirat) he held an archdeaconry, but resigned during a vacancy of the bishopric of Albenga in the hope of becoming bishop of his native city. The hope was never fulfilled. William duranti the Elder's note that James had been bishop of Faenza, since it has not been authenticated by a single witness, could be an error on Duranti's part.

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James of Albenga

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